This meeting is part of the quarterly CAB meeting schedule.

This page concerns the CAB meeting held at Jun 5, 2024 at 15:00 CET.


  1. Welcome + introduce new participants

  2. Update on the implementation of RFCs on the RFC board

  3. Advice on the implementation of RFCs

  1. Input/review required

  1. Advice on newly incoming RFCs

  1. RFC prioritisation: discuss priority on the RFC board

  2. Wrap up and outlook to next quarter

Advise from CAB

More detailed meeting notes are available upon request.

  1. Advice on the implementation of RFCs

  1. Input/review required

  • RFC042: Harmonise terminology: CAB suggests to add mapping to IDSA and provide extra information on the conclusion that a one-on-one mapping with terminology used in other initiatives is not possible. Also producing a supporting document that explains the mapping would help the community to better understand meaning and comparison of the mapping.

  • RFC031: Introduce iSHARE-ID and allow multiple identifiers using DID, preparation of iSHARE DID method: CAB advises to organise more in depth sessions on this topic, focusing on how the iSHARE DID method would work outside iSHARE and inviting more experts to address the topic and assess the created iSHARE DID method.

  1. Advice on newly incoming RFCs

  1. Prioritisation has been done on the board.

  2. Other topics that were addressed during the meeting:

  • Owners of a use case or the business value that has led to the creation of an RFC should preferably take part in the deep dive sessions, to make them more practical and less theoretical.

  • All feedback to RFCs must be provided in Gitlab to make things more transparent.

  • iSHARE Foundation will make sure that summaries of deep dive discussions (or possibly transcripts) will be made available through Gitlab.

  • iSHARE Foundation will look into ways of making the last version of an impact analysis more easily accessible, without requiring in depth knowledge of Gitlab.

  • RFC040: Verifiable Credentials support was discussed and decided to put on on hold, awaiting input from the Eclipse Data Space Working Group.

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